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Address                      Uplake Retail Center

                                    6016 NE Bothell Way

                                    Kenmore, WA 98028

Phone                         425-949-8802


I have lived, worked and traveled to variety of places during my lifetime, only to find that my favorite place in the world is the Pacific Northwest. So, I settled down and imagined a place, small and comfortable, where I could teach, create, explore and provide some of the foods from my travels. I love to examine the ways that foods have been created originally and add my own perspectives, sometimes altering the technique to a more contemporary one or adjusting an ingredient to heighten or simulate.  Over the years, I have been privileged to work, visit or live on multiple continents and in some of the world's leading hotels and restaurants, not to mention, small "mom and pop" places, institutional settings, private golf clubs and even retirement residences.   During my journeys, I worked side by side with culinary professionals from a vast variety of country origins and so I have attained a broad knowledge of global cuisine.  In cooking, I get to share my experiences with the food that I create with my community.  As a teacher, I get to pass on my culinary knowledge and skills to others, so that they may share their newfound knowledge, all of us embarking on a lifelong journey of sharing what we learn.

Kris (Chief Pot Stirrer/Proprietor)