When I start a painting I probably spend too much time thinking about some higher idea, something specific and meaningful. After a period of time it all becomes very intuitive, its play with color and texture and I often end up somewhere far different then I first imagine without any recollection of how I got there.


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A plein-air artist from the Pacific Northwest, he has beencreating and selling fine art for many years.  You might find him drawing in a steamy coffee shop or drawing musicians while they perform at a park concert.  Feel free to look over the shoulder or say hi. 
“I create art from what I encounter in daily life.  Working with pencils of all colors and brands I build up the drawings - layering colors upward until the final image reveals itself.”
The frames are repurposed and the paper of choice is AquaBee Delux.


Jill’s artwork has been displayed in many galleries in Washington state, and featured on three issues of What’s Up Magazine. Her paintings are bright and vivid, sometimes playful but always with a strong graphic hand. Jill lives in Ferndale, Washington where she has a husband and keeps bees

Corinna Sinclair

My name is Corinna and I’m a Seattle and Kona Based Visual Artist and Graphic Designer. I work in a variety of media and my favorite is oil, pencil, pastels, and watercolors. I also like to experiment with modeling and photography projects. I appreciate art in all forms, style, and media. My paintings are somewhat rustic, and each original work has it’s own unique character and craft. I lean a lot on simplicity and bold color. I see hands on art just as important as art created digitally. Exotic ports of call are captured in oil. Most of my work reflects my imagination, emotion, and my personality. Many of my earlier work shows my life growing up in Seattle and Kona, Hawaii – from tropical landscapes to Pacific Northwest moonscapes. Today I paint all kinds of subjects and I continue to grow and experiment with different mediums. Eventually I’d like to focus more on mixed media projects. I look forward to a lifetime of painting. If interested in commission work feel free to email me on details.

Elizabeth Kemp

I began painting ten years ago with a local painting instructor in Woodinville, WA. After working with my instructor for eight years, I branched out on my own in 2008. I love color, texture, and free expression. Most of my paintings are done in palette knife for great texture. 
I grew up in California, and my family and I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1985. My love for bright color began then. The crisp contrast of color with every season is an inspiration for my work. I live in Woodinville, WA. on two acres with my two labs and four cats.


I am a motivated, self-taught oil painter. Influenced by abstraction, expressionism, surrealism, and illustration, I work freely in any or all of these styles

I work with bright colors and odd perspective, strong lines/emotion and odd texture-work with organic shapes

I love to repurpose canvases and frames, and am constantly coming up with new series and painting ideas.




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